Rainbow after the Storm

Rainbow after the Storm

Sunday, April 30, 2017


Mary-Kathryn Nourse


  1. Outfit Colors
    11 Aug, 2017
    Outfit Colors
    Outfits for Family Portraits So usually every year in Spring and Fall I get many inquires/questions regarding colors and outfits for family photos.  I actually love that clients ask this as the outfits and colors you choose have a huge effect on how your images turn out.  It sometimes takes me a few months to choose my own family's portrait outfits. I start with a dress or outfit that has a pattern to it (not too crazy though) for one of the kids. It usually tends to be a dress on one of my
  2. Cassie Maternity
    01 Feb, 2017
    Cassie Maternity
    I have known Cassie for many years now, we worked together back when I was a nurse at Lasata. I was so excited when she contacted me about maternity photos and just look at that adorable baby bump. I cannot wait to meet her little guy when he makes his debut.  A little before and after Photoshop editing fun. I always enjoy seeing other photographers unedited verses edited images, these were taken during winter on a dreary day so its always nice to enhance it a little to make the background glow