Cassie Maternity

Cassie Maternity

Wednesday, February 01, 2017


Mary-Kathryn Nourse


  1. Outfit Colors
    11 Aug, 2017
    Outfit Colors
    Outfits for Family Portraits So usually every year in Spring and Fall I get many inquires/questions regarding colors and outfits for family photos.  I actually love that clients ask this as the outfits and colors you choose have a huge effect on how your images turn out.  It sometimes takes me a few months to choose my own family's portrait outfits. I start with a dress or outfit that has a pattern to it (not too crazy though) for one of the kids. It usually tends to be a dress on one of my
  2. Rainbow after the Storm
    30 Apr, 2017
    Rainbow after the Storm
    A rainbow after the strongest of storms ♡ I recently had the absolute pleasure of photographing a set of stunningly beautiful, bi-racial, TWIN baby girls from Quincy, Illinois for their 1st Birthday. Oh the sweetness! The photo shoot was done for Beauty and Lifestyle Mommy Magazine. This session was truly amazing in so many ways. The girls are fraternal twins, and as you can see, each with their own special, varying skin tone. The twins are also considered "rainbow babies" as they had an